Electric fishing: #ComplaintFiled

On 15 September 2020, BLOOM published an exclusive report revealing the extent of the Dutch Government’s illegal practices. The European regulation that prohibits electric fishing has only allowed 15 derogations, or exemptions, until 30 June 2021 — after which all electric fishing will be banned. However, the Netherlands has had at least 27 derogations in 2020, nearly double the legal number.

As European citizens, we are all the victims of these illegal practices. Therefore, BLOOM has launched an unprecedented campaign to allow everyone to file their own individual complaints with the European Commission to demand that the law be enforced and that sanctions be taken against the Dutch Government.

We have created a simple form: you only need to fill in your first name, surname and postal address. The other fields are already pre-filled (should you want to check the content of these other fields you can download the complaint template).

142 complaints already sent

  • In some cases, disclosing your identity may make it easier for us to deal with your complaint.
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